Financial Analytics

Stormlands is an Financial Analytics analytics platform providing analysis, forecasting and scenario modelling of sales revenue and asset valuation for mineral deposits and mining assets

Stormlands creates actionable Financial Analytics insights about mining projects and mineral deposits including discounted cash flow, net present and internal rate of return. Using specialist data analytics techniques and tools to meet the Financial Analytics needs of the mining Financial Analytics.

Stormlands delivers actionable highly accurate and on-demand quantitative insights for mining Financial Analytics with forecasting, scenario modelling and reporting functionality.

Revenue Analysis

Stormlands facilitates the maximisation of sales revenue by using analytics to deliver data-driven insights into the expected performance of commercial sales contracts for zinc, lead and copper concentrates through a fully customisable business intelligence platform.


Calculate the profitability of your existing sales and marketing contracts

Financial Forecasts

Create a robust financial model of the expected revenue and profitability from your sales and marketing contracts, which is responsive to changes in commercial terms

Sales Management

Leverage a customisable strategic intelligence solution for the strategic sales management of copper, lead and zinc concentrates.

Seamlessly integrate the Stormlands Strategic Intelligence (CSI) Platform with your existing sales and marketing strategy

Harness insights that replicate the quality of concentrates, shipping schedule and commercial terms of sales contracts

Prevent Revenue Leakage

Prevent revenue leakage or trade re-measurables through quantifying risk in commercial sales contracts, and their sensitivity to changes in the market


✔  Fully customisable and easy to use

✔  Integrates seamlessly with existing software and hardware

✔  Matches sales and marketing strategy

✔  Runs a detailed analysis on a shipment by shipment basis

✔  Generates automated and tailored reports for multiple key stakeholders

✔  Provides insights and comparisons on the performance of commercial sales contracts

✔  Models metal prices, payable metals, treatment charges, shipping rates, penalties etc.

✔ Highlights important trends and patterns useful for negotiations

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