About us

Stormlands is a data analytics company that provides Revenue Analytics, Operational Intelligence and Predictive Analytics for the mining industry. Our analytics software empowers clients to increase revenues, drive operational efficiencies, make data-driven decisions, reduce risk exposure and negotiate favourable contracts.

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Mining Analytics

On-demand analytics for real-time operational reporting & monitoring.

Financial Analytics

Build dynamic DCF and sales revenue models

Data Analytics

Predictive analytics that facilitate strategic planning & decision making.


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Stormlands stands for an honest, trustworthy and reliable set of personal ethics and professional standards while delivering services in open and transparent manner.


Stormlands endeavours to consistently drive efficiencies and process improvements while striving to maximise value.


Stormlands facilitates and actively supports a research-driven approach to innovation with a focus on achieving commercial results.


Stormlands are full participants in the UN Global Compact and are Ambassadors for The Sustainable Procurement Pledge. This is a voluntary initiative based on our CEO’s commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to take steps to support UN goals.

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Data Analytics Throughout History

Stormlands is named out of respect for the men and women who employed their skills

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Leveraging Commercial Contracts

A commercial marketing contract or purchase agreement for a base metal concentrate such as copper,

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Cognitive Bias & Investment Decisions

Cognitive bias in finance and investment decisions explain why investors do not always behave rationally.

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